Why You Need a Mountain Bike Kickstand

Why You Need a Mountain Bike Kickstand

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A bicycle serves a variety of purpose from fitness and athletics to basic transport. Just like any product, an addition of accessories improves and enhances the features, design, and overall framework of the product itself. While the bicycle offers a wide range of accessories designed for greater purpose, the kickstand seems to be undermined the most. On a debate of personal opinion and preference, a user is perfectly eligible to decide the accessories to be mounted or installed. Nonetheless, an informative piece about the various accessories in a bicycle can also aid significantly before installation or purchase for the matter. Particularly, the kickstand offers much more than surface physical appeal. In this article, the importance of a kickstand, along with reviews and options of the best mountain bike kickstands, centers this informative piece.




Whether a bicycle is used for mountain trekking purposes or basic commutes throughout the city, a kickstand’s core function is convenience. This is because a kickstand serves the sole purpose of parking your bicycle with a steady position and prevents the bicycle from tipping over, which can cause damages to the paint and frame of a bike should the bicycle end up falling. You can visit this website for some kickstand reviews as a supporting claim on convenience. According to the review, the kickstand is regarded as the “Humble Kickstand” because it centers on the concept that kickstands don’t cost much and also offer quite the pleasant experience. In fact, for users who travel frequently throughout the city running errands and taking a considerable number of trips can prove that a kickstand is a necessity. Visit this website for some kickstand reviews on a support of a kickstand’s use.




Kickstands may often appear as accessories far from the safety factor but as mentioned earlier, the sole purpose of a kickstand is to provide a steady position when parked. For mountain trails with heavy mud and rocky terrain, parking a bicycle simply on the ground or by leaning the bicycle on a tree can prove to be disadvantageous for the bicycle, considering the terrain. If the frame of your bicycle holds a high value, proper installation is critical to prevent any damage on the frame. Visit this website for some kickstand reviews on installing a kickstand.


The best mountain bike kickstands center on the alloy, design, and brand to create lightweight structure and reliability of a kickstand’s quality. Among the many kickstands offered on the market, the best mountain bike kickstands are namely:


  1. BV adjustable bicycle bike kickstand with concealed spring-loaded latch
  2. BV bicycle alloy adjustable side kickstand
  3. Greenfield rear stay mount kickstand
  4. Greenfield Bicycle kickstand, 285 mm
  5. Pletscher ESGE Double Leg Center Kickstand


You can also visit this website for some kickstand reviews on more options to choose from for the best kickstands.


While the best mountain bike kickstands vary from brand, functionality, and weight, the kickstands as mentioned earlier don’t add any considerable weight to the overall structure of the bicycle itself. For reasons related to affirming which kickstand is right for you, visit this website for some kickstand reviews on testing and choosing a kickstand.


Be that as it may, a kickstand costs less than $10 and offers a feature that may prove itself useful when you least expect it the most.

Vegetarian Vs. Vegan

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So What’s The Difference?

A vegetarian doesn’t eat meat or parts from an animal like gelatin (made from crushed bones), rennet (found in cheese and made from guts of animals), and chicken or beef broth (obviously made directly from chicken or beef). Vegetarians can still eat dairy, eggs, and honey. This of course depends to what extent of vegetarianism you choose. There’s ovo-lacto (eats both eggs and dairy) or just ovo, just lacto,

A vegan doesn’t eat meat either, but additionally doesn’t eat dairy, eggs, honey, etc. Any animal byproduct. Being vegan isn’t just about diet either (although it depends on how far a person wants to take it). Typically a vegan also doesn’t use leather, suede, wool, silk, pearls, ivory, fur, beeswax, animal skin or other parts of an animal. Vegans try to avoid eating animals and things that come from animals and also using material items that are made with animal product or were tested on animals. Being vegan is a bit more challenging because there’s so many products that include eggs and dairy. So how does a vegan diet affect your body? It benefits.  There’s your answer!

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