So What’s The Difference?

A vegetarian doesn’t eat meat or parts from an animal like gelatin (made from crushed bones), rennet (found in cheese and made from guts of animals), and chicken or beef broth (obviously made directly from chicken or beef). Vegetarians can still eat dairy, eggs, and honey. This of course depends to what extent of vegetarianism you choose. There’s ovo-lacto (eats both eggs and dairy) or just ovo, just lacto,

A vegan doesn’t eat meat either, but additionally doesn’t eat dairy, eggs, honey, etc. Any animal byproduct. Being vegan isn’t just about diet either (although it depends on how far a person wants to take it). Typically a vegan also doesn’t use leather, suede, wool, silk, pearls, ivory, fur, beeswax, animal skin or other parts of an animal. Vegans try to avoid eating animals and things that come from animals and also using material items that are made with animal product or were tested on animals. Being vegan is a bit more challenging because there’s so many products that include eggs and dairy. So how does a vegan diet affect your body? It benefits.  There’s your answer!

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